Granada offers a wide variety of attractions in and around the city, and we can help arrange daily excursions tailored to your interests and activity level.

Las Isletas, an archipelago of 365 little volcanic islands, are right on the shores of Granada. You can explore them by personalized motorboat, kayak or paddleboard.

The nearby Masaya Volcano is a popular destination that promises stunning views of the lava lake in the steaming active crater, best viewed at sunset.

The Laguna de Apoyo is a beautiful crater lake where you can spend the day relaxing and swimming in its warm clear waters. You can also explore the arts and crafts villages of Los Pueblos Blancos that are nestled along the ridge.



Volcano Mombacho, the lush backdrop to the city of Granada, is a natural reserve where you can hike the crater at its cloud enshrouded peak and zipline through the canopy amidst tropical birds and monkeys.

The beaches along the Pacific Coast are a short drive west if you prefer to spend the day bathing in the salty waters or surfing the waves while enjoying a seafood lunch.

Cultural events and festivities are prevalent throughout the year in Granada and the nearby towns. Granada hosts the International Poetry Festival in February and its annual "hípica" equestrian event in August. Vibrant costumes, folkloric dances, festive music, and majestic horse parades all make Nicaragua a fun and unique place to visit. Ask us about what's going on during your stay.




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